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Winter 2002 (10.4)
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Readers' Forum
History will Tell

I believe that Azerbaijan International will go down in history - first of all, as a magazine committed to breaking through the information blockade that has surrounded Azerbaijan for so long, and for spreading the truth about Azerbaijan to many parts of the world. Secondly, it will be recognized for describing our present-day transition and emergence as an independent country. Tomorrow's readers will treasure this journal as history.

This magazine is like a microcosm, opening up worlds of information. Your staff spends so much time obtaining interesting articles to print. It's like the birth of a child - a masterpiece of a publication; may your offspring increase a hundred-fold.

In future issues, I look forward to reading about the problems of Azerbaijan in relation to science, education, culture, music and ethnography. We Azerbaijanis should support your efforts by subscribing as readers, by researching some of the important topics, and by helping to identify the vital questions of our era.

B. Budagov
Academy of Sciences, Baku
First published in AI 2.4 (Winter 1994)

Editor's note: Azerbaijan International celebrates its 10-Year Jubilee with this issue. Here we reprint one of the letters that was sent to us during the second year of our publication. We hope that our efforts during these past ten years are worthy of such merit.

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