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Spring 2002 (10.1)
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ASA Youth Awards
Taleh Ziyadov

Taleh Ziyadov was born in Baku and attended high school in Denizli, Turkey through a full scholarship from the Azerbaijani government. He then studied in the Department of Business Administration at Istanbul's Marmara University. In 2000, Taleh went to Beloit College in Wisconsin as an exchange student; later he transferred and became a full-time student there. He will graduate in May with a major in Economics & Management along with International Relations and a minor in Russian Studies.

Taleh has made presentations about Azerbaijan at various events at Beloit, created a web site about Azerbaijan and donated books about Azerbaijan to the Beloit College Library. Last year, he arranged to have Elin Suleymanov, the First Secretary for the Azerbaijani Embassy in Washington, D.C., visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Beloit College to speak about Azerbaijan. The visit included many class discussions, talks and conferences meant to educate the Beloit community about Azerbaijan, its history and people. Taleh also serves as one of the list moderators for the Habarlar-Int listserv, an extension of Habarlar-L that distributes news in Azeri, Turkish and Russian. Contact Taleh at

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