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Winter 2001 (9.4)
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New Faces / New Places
Turkish Ambassador

Unal CevikozUnal Cevikoz is the new Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan, replacing Ejvet Tezjan. He presented his credentials to President Aliyev on November 27, 2001. After graduating from Bogazichi University in Istanbul in 1978 with a bachelor's degree in political sciences, Cevikoz joined the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served as the second secretary in Moscow, consul in Bregenz, Austria and counselor of embassy in Sofia.

In 1989, he was seconded to the international secretariat of NATO in Brussels by his government and served as an international officer at the Political Directorate of NATO for eight years. Going back to Ankara and to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1997, he became the Head of the Balkan Department and later the Deputy Director General for Caucasus and Central Asia. Contact: Unal Cevikoz, Turkish Embassy, 27 Khagani St., Baku. Tel: (994-12) 98-81-33 / -35 /-36; Fax: 98-83-49;

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