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Winter 2001 (9.4)
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New Faces / New Places

J. Ray McDermottJ. Ray McDermott, S.A. recently appointed Clint Anderson as General Manager-Caspian, making him responsible for all J. Ray McDermott business operations in the region. Anderson's primary focus is to ensure that the AIOC ACG Phase 1 Topsides Fabrication and Pipeline Installation projects are completed to the full satisfaction of all project stakeholders.

He will also oversee other business development opportunities within the Caspian region. Anderson has more than 20 years of experience with J. Ray McDermott. Over the years, he has managed the company's Eastern Hemisphere Procurement department, its Middle East Fabrication Operations group and its Proposals department. Anderson's wife, Janine, will join him in Baku. Contact: Clint Anderson, J. Ray McDermott, S.A., Salayanskoye Shosse, IC "Shelfprojectstroy", 3rd Floor, Baku. Tel: (994-12) 41-80-43; Fax: 8834-330;

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