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Winter 2000 (8.4)
Pages 56-57


907 Incites Terrorism

I don't think that the existence of a law like 907 is a positive thing for a country that claims to be as democratic as the United States does. Let's start from the beginning. Why did they adopt this law? It is our territories, not Armenia's, that are occupied. We are the ones who have 1 million refugees. They claim that Azerbaijan 'blockaded' Armenia. But that's not true, either.

"The United States should not have adopted 907. In reality, 907 incites terrorism. This is the terrorism that banished 1 million people from their homes and killed 20,000 people. This is terrorism on an international scale. Armenians have succeeded in duping the U.S. government, and now, in turn, are supported by them."

Irshad Aliyev
Azerbaijan Minister of Agriculture

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