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Elgun's Letter to TUTU


My name is Elgun. I am studying at School No. 66 for refugees. You can understand from the name of my school that I am one of the hundreds of kids who have been separated from their native land. We try to continue our education no matter how difficult the conditions are. It is true that our school doesn't have all of the necessary facilities. Our small classrooms don't have any floors or ceilings. There isn't even a small playground for us to use for sports. We have no means [auditorium or recreation hall] to celebrate holidays. Nevertheless, we are trying to study hard. We haven't lost our hope. We know that there will come a time when all of these difficulties will be left behind.

Photo: Proud to be remembered: Refugee child from Bilasuvar Refugee camp near the Iranian border with his new TUTU children's book in Azeri Latin.

The pupils of our school were so happy to hear that you care about us. TUTU, you know how hard it is to be forgotten. We're happy that you care about us because it lets us know that we haven't been forgotten. It lets us know that there are still some people who care about us refugee kids. We are very grateful to you for this. TUTU, I'd like to know about one thing. Will you answer our letters? You won't forget us, will you?

Goodbye. Thanks.
Misirkhanov Elgun
6th grade, Khindiristan, Azerbaijan
November 18, 1999

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