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Seeing From a New Angle

Right now I'm in the U.S. enjoying the seventh month of my stay as a high school senior in central Pennsylvania. I've subscribed to Azerbaijan International for more than two years now; it's always nice to know there's an information source that represents my country around the world.

AI gives us all the nuances of the typical Azeri characteristics that are sometimes imperceptible to us. This magazine combines everything I'd like to share about our country, exposing history, culture, religion, politics and current events.

During my stay here, I've discovered a variety of feelings that have never occurred to me before. I used to take things for granted, and the cultural baggage didn't seem like a big deal. But after being separated from home for a year, I started to see Azerbaijan from a different angle and experienced a feeling of honor and pride in my country. I saw that Azerbaijan is worthy of being cherished, loved and improved.

It's frustrating to see all the down sides of Azerbaijan compared to the U.S. Moving towards my departure, I can tell that it will be difficult to adjust to my old routine. But I believe that the Freedom Support Act was created so that we could make changes at home to improve our lives.

Sevda Aliyeva
FSA Foreign Exchange Student
Carlisle, Pennsylvania

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