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WEB Useful for New Companies

The Azerbaijan Web site has been extremely useful to my company, which is opening an office in Baku. However, the photos of the company managers are not showing up at all today (March 27) although they were all there yesterday. I need to complete my list ASAP. If there is a technical problem, can you please fix it right away? If not, let me know the reason so I can let my boss know why my list is incomplete (smile). Thank you.

Sarah C.K. Livingston
United Kingdom
(via e-mail)

Editor: You're absolutely right. On March 27, 1997, we were updating the "Services" page and adding photos of managers which have recently arrived on the scene in Azerbaijan.

As anyone in Baku knows, as many as 30 to 40 percent of companies, featured on our Web site, have moved or changed their management since last summer when we originally published the 97 Bilingual Resource Directory, upon which our Web page is based. Under "Services," you'll find a separate page for more than 55 major international companies with a photo of the current manager, location information, telephone numbers and a 70-word description of each company.

Our Web Site is a great resource when attending receptions in Baku or when trying to track down the latest telephone numbers of these companies. If you discover that any information is not current, please let us know immediately so we can update it.

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