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"I Love You" in Azeri

I am trying to learn the phrase "I love you" as spoken all over the world. I'm told that there are over 6,700 languages documented with over 39,000 dialects.

Unfortunately, when I meet people I don't always have the list handy, and I write the phrase down on a receipt or a napkin. But still I have managed to collect about 40 phrases so far. My goal is not to miss any country.

If you would be so kind as to send me this phrase, as written in English with, perhaps, a phonetic description of how to pronounce it, I would be extremely grateful. Please ask your readers to e-mail me if they know other languages. Thank you in advance. Best wishes for the new year.

Matt Day

Editor: "I love you" in Azeri is "MAN sa-NI seh-vi-RAM."

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