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Cinema: Can it be Revived
Autumn 1997 (AI 5.3)

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Front Cover: The film "Koroglu," directed by Husein Seyidzade (1960) with the leading role of Koroglu played by Afrasiyab Mammadov.

Back cover: Films include top left clockwise: "Telephone Girl" (Telefonchu Giz) Hasan Seyidbeyli - 1962. "Gold Precipice" (Gizyl Uchurum) Fikrat Aliyev - 1980. "Bakuis" (Bakililar) V. Turin - 1938. "The Wild Kura River" (Dali Kur) Husein Seyidzade - 1968.:

6 Reader's Forum

10 Editorial-Cinema: Can it be Revived? - Guest Editor, Rustam Ibrahimbeyov

12 Baku Diary: The Hands of Azerbaijan - Susan Cornnell

15 Diplomatic Series: Interview With Azerbaijan's President, Heydar Aliyev - Betty Blair

19 Issues: A Presidential Perspective

21 Cinema & Censorship: Conversation with Screenwriter Rustam Ibrahimbeyov - Betty Blair

24 The Quest of Cinema: From Myth to Reality: The Filmmaker's Conscience - Asim Jalilov

30 The Pre-Soviet Era: Celebrating 100 Years in Film, Not 80 - Aydin Kazimzade

36 One Eye on the Oscars: Hungering for Glory and Success - Azad Sharifov

40 Psychological Aspects of War: When a Doll Says More Than Artillery - Alisaftar Mursaloghlu

46 Photo Essay: "O Olmasin, Bu Olsun" (If Not This One, That One)

50 Cinema: Future in Suspense: Solving Today's Problems for Tomorrow - Ogtay Mirgasimov

52 Cinematographers' Landscapes: Crater Moonscapes, Medieval Fortresses and the Deep Blue Sea - Togrul Juvarly

54 Photo Essay: "Arshin Mal Alan" (The Cloth Peddler)

57 Cinema: Oil & Revolution - Rahman Badalov

65 Quotable Quotes

66 Influencing the Destiny of Azerbaijan - S. Rob Sobhani

Azerbaijanis on the Iranian stage and Screen - Khalil M. Dilmaghani (Azeri in Arabic Script)

70 A Decree That Changed the World: Death Certificate of the USSR in 1991 - Paul Goble

72 New Faces, New Places

74 State Visits, State Gifts: Memorializing the Clintons in Carpets - Anne Kressler (Azeri in Latin Script-page 76)

78 YAPS (Youth Azeri Parcel Service) - Roberto Laurenti

79 Business & Opportunities

85 SOCAR Section:

Chevron Contract (85)

Mobil Contract (86)

Exxon Contract (87)

89 Kapaz: SOCAR's Official Statement - Natig Aliyev

90 AIOC: Catalyst for Change - Terry Adams

94 NAOC: Current Developments - Mike Barnes

Azerbaijan International (5.3) Autumn 1997.
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