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If Objects Could Speak
Summer 1997 (AI 5.2)

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Front Cover: Inside one of the reservoirs at Sangachal Terminal near Baku that will soon be filled with oil and, hopefully, on its way out to international markets. If objects could speak, these large tanks would have much to say about the rapid economic transformation that is taking place in Azerbaijan these days. Photo: Oleg Litvin.

Back Cover: Artist Ismayil Mammadov nurtures the love of painting in Oleg Litvin's grandson, teaching him how to make objects speak symbolically. Photo: Oleg Litvin.

7 Editorial - If Objects Could Speak

10 Reader's Forum

12 Baku Dairy - Impressions of Azerbaijani Youth Studying Abroad

18 Classical Music of Azerbaijan - New CD Series: Round Table Discussion

22 Alphabet Transitions: Chronology of the New Latin Script - Tamam Bayatly

26 Artist's Perception of Refugees

33 Quotable Quotes

34 Chicago Enchanted by "Seven Beauties": The Staging of Nizami's 12th Century work - Jean Patterson and Betty Blair (Azeri in Latin Script, page 36)

38 Just for Kids - Red: If Colors Could Speak

42 The Caucasus and New Geo-Political Realities: How the West Can Support the Region - Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski

46 Russia Fuels War in Caucasus to Keep Oil Out of Western Hands - Trudy Rubin

47 Russian Arms Shipments to Armenia are a Major Threat to Azerbaijna - Ambassador Hafiz Pashayev

Azeri Latin and Computer Complexities - Judith Scott

51 The Medical Manuscripts of Azerbaijan: Unlocking Their Secrets - Betty Blair

53 What's Happening? Alphabets of Central Asian Languages.

54 Disappearing Countries - Paul Goble

56 Opportunities

58 An Ancient Scourge on the Rise in Azerbaijan: Potential Solutions for Malaria - Dr. C. W. Oliver

59 Rostroprovich Celebrates 70th Jubilee in Baku

Ali Salimi, Composer of "Ayrilig" Dies

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature: Mirza Hasan Rushdia: "The Alphabet of Progress" Part two - Abulfazl Bahadori (Azeri in Arabic Script)

69 Caspian Oil Deposits Might Be Twice as Large as Expected - Hugh Pope

71 SOCAR Section: The Past Three Years - Natig Aliyev

75 SOCAR Section: AIOC - Talysh

84 SOCAR Section: Oily Rocks: Legend and Reality - Seyyad Ibrahimov

Azerbaijan International (5.2) Summer 1997.
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