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Winter 1995 (3.4)
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Statoil's "Jubilee Fund"
to Azeri Orphans

Statoil's Senior Representative, Harald Finnvik, who is also Honorary Norwegian Consulate General, took the opportunity that evening to announce that "Statoil's Jubilee Fund" of 850,000 krone, ($135,000) would be directed to Azerbaijan this year.

The project is being facilitated through the Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprise (NHE),
and will be directed to three orphanages in Baku, Ganje and Shaki. The project according to Johanne Retterholt, NHE's Representative, will continue for one year and includes upgrading orphanage buildings as well as expanding education possibilities for these young people. A shipment of 70 cubic meters, primarily of clothing, is also being donated to these Azeri children, many of whom have been orphaned by the war.

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