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New Oil Industry
Dictionary Published


For the first time in history, a trilingual Oil Field Industry Dictionary has been published. Terms are arranged alphabetically according to English and have corresponding definitions in Azeri (Latin script) and Russian. The 720 page volume includes more than 17,700 terms and is the result of more than 30 years of dedicated research by Academician Saftar M. Kuliyev. The first edition was published in Russian in 1958. The second edition published this year has been enlarged and edited by his son, Dr. A.S. Kuliyev and Engineer A.O. Kurbanov.

The dictionary comprises terms used in drilling and operation of oil and gas wells, offshore oil and gas production, construction of surface field facilities, oil field geology, gas and oil transportation and storage, as well as the names of equipment, tools and materials. (English, Azerbaijan, Russian Dictionary on Oil Field Industry. Ergun Press: Baku. 1995. LSBN 5-8240-0006-9). The price is £34.99 ($59).

Contact Rail Kuliyev, 18 Mill Avenue, Uxbridge, UB8 2Q6, UK. (44-189) 527-1263; e-mail: <>.

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