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Summer 1995 (AI 3.2)

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Front Cover: Sunset on the Caspian Sea. Photo: Oleg Litvin.

Back Cover: Members of the dance and drumming troupes who were selected to perform at the 1995 International Festival of Youth in Aberdeen this August which was sponsored by British Petroleum. Photo: courtesy of BP. See story on page 18.

There's more to Azerbaijan than just oil and gas. Think agriculture, industry, and minerals. Check out the medicinal properties of snake venom and its price on the international market.

Take a look at the special feature interview with
Rustam Ibrahimbeyov, who wrote the screenplay for the 1995 Academy Award winning Oscar, "Best Foreign Film," Mikhalkov's "Burnt by the Sun."

2 Reader's Forum

4 Editorial

6 Baku Diary: The Greatest Resource, Friends - Susan Cornnell

The Scorching Sun and the Nature of Totalitarian Systems, Film Oscar for Azerbaijan: Interview with Screenwriter, Rustam Ibrahimbeyov - Betty Blair (Azeri Latin, page 14).

The Natural Mineral Resources of Azerbaijan: Waiting to be Developed - A.M. Shekinski

Off Again to Aberdeen! Azerbaijani Youth Invited to the Aberdeen International Youth Festival - Susan Glendinning

Industry in Azerbaijan: An Overview. Prospects for Development

22 Places to See

26 Azerbaijan's "White Gold" and Its Agricultural Resources - Svetlana Turyalay

Droplets of Life or Death: The Venom of Caucasian Vipers - Mark Hopkins

SOCAR Section: Historical Beginnings: The AIOC Azerbaijan International Operating Company. Interview with President Terry Adams

Will Azerbaijan Really Benefit from the Consortium Contract?

41 Azerbaijan Society for Petroleum Geologists - Akif Narimanov 95 + Caspian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference - Judith Patten

43 Doing Business With Azerbaijan: What Works

Azerbaijan's Petroleum Stamps - by Hugo Vargas and Shirin Bazleh

World War II and Azerbaijan: 50th Anniversary of the Allied Victory - Fuad Akhundov, Fikrat T. Aliyev and Mikhail Agarunov

58 A Masterful Juggling Act by Azerbaijan's Leader - Trudy Rubin

The White House: Statement by President Bill Clinton on the Occasion of the 80th Anniversary of Armenian Victims

63 Doing Business in Azerbaijan: The Most Frequently Asked Questions - Ilgar Veliyev

Diplomatic Interview: German Chargés d'Affaires Michael Schmunk - Svetlana Turyalay

Azerbaijan's National Aerospace Agency: New Directions - Dr. Arif S. Mehtiyev

Sustaining the Spirit of Azerbaijan via Contemporary Persian Literature (4) Constitutional Era: Works of Golam Husein Sa'edi - Hassan Javadi and Abolfazl Bahadori

75 Azerbaijanis in Sweden - Alireza Ardebili

76 Azerbaijanis Try to Learn English: Under US Handicap - by Raymond Bonner

77 Humanitarian Aid to Azerbaijan-How to Get It There - Mark Slocum

80 Azerbaijan Resource Directory

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