Russian military name the list of check-points in central Georgia
August 23, 2008

On-going series: Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and Its Impact on Azerbaijan

Chief of staff of Russian Army Anatoly Nogovitsin names at the press conference places where Russian intends to organize checkpoints. In violation of the ceasefire agreement they are well out the conflict zone, namely in: Perevi ­ near Sachkhere; Ali - 90kms from Tbilisi and 7 Km from east-west highway, on the way from Khashuri to Sachkere and South Ossetia; Kvenatkotsa ­ in Kareli district near Agara, 1 km from eas-west highway; Variani ­ 10km north of Gori, on the road from Gori to Tskhinvali; Karaleti ­ 10km north of Gori, on the road to Tskhinvali; Shavshvebi ­ 40km west of Tbilisi on the east-west Highway, Monasteri ­ 35 Kms north-west from Tbilisi on the way to Akhalgori and 7kms from eastwest highway, Ikoti ­ 40Kms north-west from Tbilisi near town Akhalgori and 12kms from east-west highway.

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