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Caucasus Crisis - 2008

Statement of Public Associations of Azerbaijan
About the recognition of independence of separatist formations of Abkhazia and South Ossetia by Russian Federation

August 28, 2008

On-going series: Crisis in the Caucasus - 2008
The Russian / Georgian Conflict and Its Impact on Azerbaijan

We, the representatives of non-government organizations (NGOs) of Azerbaijan, like all people of good will throughout the world, are deeply concerned about the news by the Russian Federation in regard to the recognition of independence of separatist states Abkhazia and South Ossetia. This situation took place after the Georgian population was expelled and after there was open military aggression by Russia against sovereign Georgia.

We consider this step by Russian officials as a culmination of a plan calculated long ago in regard to annexing parts of territories of the former USSR republics that refused to submit to Russian dictates and which chose the path of independence and integration into the democratic world community. This plan is being implemented persistently.

Russian officials justify their actions by the erosion of international law that took place as a result of incidents in Balkans; however, we all have witnessed how since the moment of the collapse of USSR, Russia itself has instigated and stimulated separatist movements along its boundaries.

By recognizing the independence of separatist Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the Russian government has immensely harmed, first of all its own mislead nation, which instead of being offered laborious work and real governmental reforms, are offered the recipes of success taken from the dark ages-when the happiness of one group of people was exclusively established on enslavement of other people.

After the incidents that have taken place in Georgia, none of the former USSR republics will feel safe near the country that openly declares that from time to time it will give bloody lessons to whichever of us would disobey Kremlin's peremptory shout.

But worst of all, through its actions, Russia has taken the world to the verge of a new Cold War which will exhaust the planet, consume resources of the countries of the world that are so desperately needed for overcoming growing problems of global development.

We appeal to the Russian government to stop the aggression against sovereign Georgia and refuse the destructive imperialistic plans about the enslavement of its neighbors. We urge the direct its exertion to the establishment of values in the country such as persistent constructive labor and cooperation between human beings and peoples.

We appeal to the governments associate with democratic community, to the people of goodwill all over the world to demonstrate active solidarity with Georgia's struggle for its sovereignty.

We appeal to Azerbaijani government to show all conceivable support to Georgia in such an hour of need. We also urge the Azerbaijani government not to yield to blackmail and intimidations from imperialistic circles of Russia and to continue developing economical and political collaboration with democratic ommunities of the world.

We would like to draw the attention of the Azerbaijani government to the fact that the attempt to annex Georgia's soil makes Russia's participation as an impartial arbiter impossiblein the peacemaking process related to the Karabakh conflict.

We plead that the civil society of Azerbaijan will demonstrate all kinds of information support to Georgia's resistance against Russian aggression as well as to active participation in gathering recourses for the peaceful Georgian population which has suffered from this aggression.

We believe that the age of imperialistic wars and annexation will be past history. In its place, a new age is coming-the age of voluntary cooperation based on mutual interests that will help to solve problems between people and countries, without lies and aggression.


Rashid Hajili, Mehriban Vezir, Rashaj Huseynov, Co-chairmen
Azerbaijani National Committee for Eurointegration

Hikmat Hajizade, Vice-President
Center for Economic and Political Researches

Rasim Musabeyov, Vice-President
Center for Economic and Political Researches

Sabit Baghirov, President
Foundation for Assistance to Entrepreneurship Development

Elchin Shikhli, Editor
Zerkalo Newspaper

Arzu Abdullayeva, Chairman
Azerbaijan National Committee of Helsinki Citizens' Assembly

Arif Aliyev, Chairman
Yeni Nesil (New Generation), Union of Journalists

Ilgar Mamedov, political analyst, member
Azerbaijani National Committee for Eurointegration

Elnur Baimov, Editor
Day.az Information Agency

Yashar Jafarli, Chairman
Reserved and Retired Officers Public Union

Ingilab Ahmedov, Director
Public Finance Monitoring Center

Vahid Gazi, Director
Center for Pluralism "Inam"

Ruhangiz Huseynova, chairman
Women Solidarity Organization

Ali Abbasov, political analyst, member
Azerbaijani National Committee for Euro-integration

Maharram Zulfugarli, chairman
Association for Scientific Research

Gubad Bayramov, President
Center for Economic Research

Shahin Hajiyev, Director
Najaf Najafov Foundation

Mehman Aliyev,
Member of the Executive Board of Azerbaijani Press Council

Novella Djafaroghlu, Chairman
Society of the Protection of Women's Rights in Azerbaijan named after D.Aliyeva,

Saadat Bananyarli, Chairperson
Azerbaijan National Branch of the International Society for Human Rights

Saida Gojamanli, Chairperson
Bureau of Defense of Human Rights

Annaghi Hajibeyli, President
Azerbaijan Lawyers Association

Intigam Aliyev, President
Legal Education Society

Sahib Mammadov, Chairman
Labor Rights Protection League

Avaz Hasanov, Chairman
Society for Humanitarian Researches

Rashad Huseynli, Co-chairman
Azerbaijani National Committee for Eurointegration

Irada Bagirova, Member
Azerbaijani National Committee for Eurointegration

Yashar Zeynalov, Coordinator
Azerbaijani National Committee for Eurointegration

Rashad Shirinov, President
Azerbaijani Youth Association of Atlantic Treaty

Malahat Murshudlu, chairperson
Union of Independent Teachers of Azerbaijan

Leyla Aliyeva, President
National and Strategic Research Center

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